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How we came to do it

With over 60 years of collective experience in the Las Vegas arts and entertainment industries, our company Sin City Scenic, services the Las Vegas entertainment, convention and display industries by creating custom props, scenery and bespoke designs. Regardless of budgets, we strive to create products of the highest quality and value for our clients. We are proud to continue to provide support to small, medium and large scale productions. We have worked with top rave companies that produce innovative concerts and musical festivals enhanced by  interactive theatrical performances, state of the art design, and large-scale installations. Our experience in the entertainment industry expands from resident and traveling shows known all over the world for high-quality artistic productions that feature burlesque, music, cabaret and acrobatics to summer theater productions, as well as event productions. We love bringing ideas to fruition.

We are a group of individuals who share a passion for the industry we work for, who are energized and excited by the creativity of others and reflect it in our work. At Sin City Scenic, we believe that

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”       -Albert Einstein

Our primary goal is to bring your vision to life in a professional manner, with your goals at the forefront of every project, and have fun along the way.


An insight into how our team works to bring your projects to life.


Experienced opinions and like minds work together in our shop to ensure the best possible product


Specialty pieces go through testing throughout the entire build


We make sure all of our clients are delivered a finished product they are completely satisfied with


Our entire team is invested 100% on each and every project. We are committed to building solid relationships with our clients as well. We believe establishing vital lines of communication is critical and important to deliver a high quality professional product on time and within the client’s budget.